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Monday, September 14, 2009

Pounds for Pixels: Week 1 Results

In accordance with the rules that I set out (in my head) for my Pounds for Pixels challenge, I weighed myself this morning. Monday mornings are as good a day as any for jumping on a scale. I was curious to see how much weight I'd dropped using my exercise bike while simultaneously taking on various Hong Kong gangs in Stranglehold.

In my original Pounds for Pixels post, I'd determined that I'd lose about half a pound while playing Stranglehold. This number was based purely on the calories I burned while cycling. I was not taking my diet into account when calculating these numbers. I figured to burn about 400 calories per hour of using my exercise bike. Stranglehold figures to take roughly 5 hours to finish. For every 3500 calories burned through exercise or caloric-deficit (i.e. eating fewer calories than your body typically uses in a given day), you drop one pound. To make things easy, I made a easy estimate of 1 pound lost for every 10 hours of exer-gaming (i.e. 1 pound per 4000 calories burned).

As of 7:00 AM this morning, I've dropped 2 lbs. over the Stranglehold's first six levels of gameplay. Not too bad considering that I've barely changed my day-to-day diet except for cutting out some beer (there was no cold beer in the fridge) and chips (there were none in the house). I'm on the last level of Stranglehold and should be able to finish the game either tonight or tomorrow night. I like to take a couple days off a week from exercising and tonight seems good for a break.

I'm really looking forward to playing Lost Odyssey once Stranglehold is done. I've been jonesing for a little RPG action and Lost Odyssey should fit the bill quite nicely. And if I can keep up with the cycling while playing through the rest of Lost Odyssey, I should see some noticeable improvements in my general health by the time the end credits roll.