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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Demon's Souls: A Must-Buy for PS3 Gamers?

Have any of you heard of the game Demon's Souls for the PS3? If not, I wouldn't blame you. Would you believe that it's probably the hottest new action-RPG available for the PS3 and probably one of the best games of 2009? When I first heard about this game a few months ago, I thought nothing of it. It looked very generic and didn't seem to look all that great in terms of graphics. Well, it seems that I was wrong considering what reviewers are saying about Demon's Souls.

Frankly, I can't stop thinking about the game now that I've read and watched a ton of reviews. The game sounds ridiculously good and, despite being frustratingly difficult, will likely find its way into my game library very soon. In fact, I'm trying to locate a copy as I type this up. It looks like a mix between Oblivion and a generic third-person hack-n-slash dungeon runner developed by a Russian or Polish game development house. And that's what makes Demon's Souls all the more fascinating to me. How can this game be so damned good? I'm so surprised by all of this that I'm going to pay full price ($70) for the game because my mind has been completely blown here.

Even the title of the game makes no sense to me. Demon's Souls? Why is there a apostrophe? If the goal of the game is to go around collecting demons' souls, the apostrophe would have to be moved. Even Demon Souls would make sense. Is the true point of the game to find one particular demon and collect all of his/her/its souls? Am I ultimately looking to collect not all demons' souls but one particular demon's souls? Or is it just one particular soul that needs collecting (as in Demon's Soul)? Demon's Souls: even the title adds to the mystery of this game's universal acclaim as the next big thing in RPGs.

Okay Atlus...you've burned me before but I'll bite. I'm going to buy your damned game but it better be as good as everyone says it is. If this ends up being another Shin Megami Tensei type of experience (great reviews, somewhat dull (though extremely challenging) game with an inordinate amount of bondage imagery and suggestive moaning from freakish enemies), I will be extremely depressed and upset with myself for having taken a chance on a game that I hadn't thought about twice until reviewers convinced me that this is the role-playing game of the year.

Before I show you the trailers and video reviews for the game, take a quick look at an excerpt from the Demon's Souls review over at The Escapist. I think this quote accurately sums up the Demon's Souls experience in a nutshell:

However you decide to get your body back, Demon's Souls is also keeping track of how well you're doing, and adjusts its difficultly accordingly. Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I meant the game got easier if you're dying a lot? No, no, no, it gets harder. Demon's Souls will punish you for being bad at it, making enemies you should be able to defeat with a sneeze into unstoppable behemoths with a seemingly unending supply of hit points. There is a silver lining, though: The more difficult the game gets, the better the loot drops become. (The opposite is also true-the better you are at the game, the easier it becomes, but the crappier the swag is.) Should you screw things up so badly that the game becomes virtually unplayable, it will generate a fairly easy foe that, when defeated, resets the world to normal. If, you know, you want to take the sissy way out.

Before we get to the video reviews that are filled to the brim with praise for Demon's Souls, here's the E3 2009 trailer that first came out when nobody had any idea that this game would actually be good.

And finally, let's get to the meat of this post: the video reviews...

Ok, I just got word that my copy of Demon's Souls is reserved and waiting for me. I'll be picking it up tonight. I plan on firing it up as soon as I've finished Lost Odyssey later this evening. I guess Infinite Undiscovery will have to wait...

Have a good one!