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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fighting Demons and the Flu

I'm not feeling great today so I'll keep my weekend recap short. I played a few different games this past weekend, focusing primarily on Demon's Souls. I'd set a couple of goals for myself on Friday. I wanted to kill the Tower Knight over the weekend. I managed to cross this task off of my list with fairly little difficulty thanks to a couple brave souls who kindly jumped into my game and lent me a hand.

Who said this game was hard?

For all the talk of Demon's Souls' ridiculous difficulty, it's really not that bad. The game is set up as a cognitive and motor memory exercise. Learn a level's layout, study your opponents, get a feel for taking out your enemies, and you'll find yourself cutting a swath through the levels in no time. I was able to finish off level 2-1 in one sitting. It's an easy level but that's not really the point. Play the game, level up your character, and you will beat anything that this game throws at you. The toughest test that Demon's Souls will throw at you is one of patience and perseverance. It can be hard to backtrack after suffering a soul-crushing death.

In my current game, my level 36 character is getting ready to face off against the boss demon of level 2-2. I decided to check out my opponent online before giving him a shot in my game. He does look to be pretty nasty. But I think with a little patience, a whole lot of flame resistant items, and a bunch of magic, I should be able to take him down. I may help out some other poor souls take on this boss in the hopes of getting someone to reciprocate in turn. Note that helping others is a cheap and easy way to regain your body in Demon's Souls which will then allow me to request aid from other spirits willing to help me out with my game.

I also played a little Dragon Quest VIII and Infinite Undiscovery yesterday. Great games both!

My plans for tonight are to continue holding off the flu that I feel trying to take me down. I almost lost the fight last night but I'm still standing...for now. In addition to fighting the flu, I'll probably play a little Demon's Souls or Infinite Undiscovery. I'm not sure how "hardcore" I'm feeling at the moment.

Have a good one!