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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grinding My Way to Victory?

I spent a couple of hours late last night level-grinding in Lost Odyssey. Over that relatively short period of time, I managed to acquire a couple powerful swords for my front-line melee attackers (Kaim and Seth) and I my two primary spell casters (Sarah and Jansen) learned some crucial skills. All in all, I think my party is finally ready to take on the last couple bosses in Lost Odyssey. It'll be on like Donkey Kong when I get home from work tonight! Well, after I get home, have dinner, give the kids their baths, and watch a bit of TV...

Last night's level-grinding did not take as long as I'd feared. I took my party to The Temple of Enlightenment found due East from the Landing Port at Numara. This area can only be reached once you are in possession of the White Boa - I leave it up to my readers to figure out why this is the case.

In the area just outside the Temple, the random encounters were not too difficult for my level 48 characters and grew progressively easier as my characters quickly gained levels. The upside to these encounters was that each battle won earned a full level of experience for each of my active party members. It took two hours for my party to acquire the following key skills and weapons:

  • Kaim, Seth, and Sarah all learned the Persistence skill from Sed. This skill will allow four out of my five active party members to survive an otherwise devastating attack that would normally wipe out my entire party and end the game.

  • Sarah and Jansen learned the Double Cast skill. This will allow Sarah and Jansen to quickly spam healing and buff spells during my fight with any and all big, bad bosses.

  • I upgraded Sed to use the .99 caliber magic rifle. I had it in my inventory for a while but had forgotten to equip it. This will allow Sed to deliver some good blows during the boss fight when I don't have him performing emergency healing and other fixes using his Double Item skill. This skill allows Sed to use potions and other items twice per turn.

  • Kaim and Seth were both equipped with Platinum Brand swords. These are not the most powerful weapons in the game but they were easily purchased at Hiss's Variety Store in Numara.
All in all, I think I'm ready for the big fight. I figure I'll be able to dish out about 10,000 HP worth of damage each and every round of combat. With the Persistence skill and a lot of healing potions, I should be able to finish the game without too much difficulty.

And when I'm done? Infinite Undiscovery!

Have a good one!