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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Infinite Undiscovery: Cast of Characters and Video Reviews

I was sick with the flu over the weekend. I lost a bit of game time on Sunday night as my nagging stomach ache grew worse until I could do nothing other than lie down and wait for the inevitable. I started to feel a bit better yesterday afternoon so I decided to make a bit of a push to finish Lost Odyssey. If I had to guess, I'd say that I've got a couple hours of play until Lost Odyssey is finished. I've also decided to take on Infinite Undiscovery once Lost Odyssey's done.

It was a close race between Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant. I settled on Infinite Undiscovery for the following reasons:

  • I like JRPGs and I believe that Infinite Undiscovery best conveys the themes that I believe essential to any JRPG.

  • I liked Tri-Ace's Eternal Sonata.

  • Infinite Undiscovery can be finished in under 30 hours.

  • The action-RPG style of combat is a departure from the turn-based combat of Lost Odyssey.

  • Infinite Undiscovery got a pretty good score on GameRankings with some fairly high review scores from X-Play, 1UP, and other big name reviewers.

I've got a trailer and reviews for Infinite Undiscovery below. First, I wanted to introduce the five primary protagonists in the game (according to the Infinite Undiscovery wikipedia entry):

CapellCapell is the main protagonist and the character that players control throughout the game.
AyaStrong willed and aggressive, Aya's constant prodding is often the only thing capable of motivating Capell to action.
Referred to as "The Liberator" Sigmund was the first person to demonstrate the ability to sever the chains binding the moon.
Edward views himself as Sigmund's right hand man, a position he feels Capell is challenging.

Eugene is the most knowledgeable member of the group, as well as the one possessing the most common sense.

As promised, here is a trailer for Infinite Undiscovery followed by a couple of video reviews.



I'm looking forward to jumping into Infinite Undiscovery in the next couple days. I'll be sure to give my first impressions after I've had a chance to get through the first few hours of the game.

Have a good one!