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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Victory Denied! [Lost Odyssey]

I fought my way to the final two big boss fights (I assume) in Lost Odyssey. I was so ready to play Infinite Undiscovery that I could taste it. I got my party of characters (Kaim, Seth, Sed, Jansen, and Sarah) ready for the big fight. I watched five minutes of cut-scenes. And then I finally found myself facing off against some huge monster. I threw everything I had at the fearsome beast...

...only to have it laugh at me before killing off my entire party in one fell swoop. Pretty disheartening to say the least.

I tried the fight a couple more times with slightly better yet equally devastating results. My party was just not strong enough to take on this final (or penultimate) boss. That's a pretty sick turn of events given that I've already put 45 hours into Lost Odyssey.

So what can I do? I've already missed many of the "miss-able" overpowered items and spells that I could have used to buff my party to ridiculous proportions. And I'm not willing to take on an extra 10-15 hours of side-quests just to beat the last two bosses in the game. So here's my plan:

  • I plan on power-leveling my primary characters to level 60 at the Temple of Enlightenment. This is a supposedly nasty area located on a South-Eastern island in the game.

  • I plan on having all my characters learn the Persistence ability which will allow them to stay alive following any attack that would normally kill them. This should help me stay alive after one of the boss's crushing attacks that would normally kills off 80% of my party in one blow.

  • I plan on having both Jansen and Sarah learn the Double Cast ability which should help me spam some of the more useful spirit magic and white magic protective spells (Covera, Powerus, Mindus, All-Generata, etc.). I do not have many of the big-time protect spells such as Coverus or the like.

  • If absolutely necessary, I'll travel to the Kelolon Village and acquire better weapons for both Kaim and Seth. I was able to deliver around 5,000 HP worth of damage every round to the boss in my first few attempts. If I can get that up to 8,000, I should be okay.
I think that should just about do it. I was able to get the boss down to its last 20% of hit points before Seth was finally defeated. I'm not sure how much longer this will take - another 4-5 hours? I'll likely try the boss fight a fourth time once I've completed the first three steps above. I'd rather not have to scour the game's landscape for better weapons or accessories unless absolutely required.

It's my oldest son's birthday today. But after the party's done and my son's asleep, I'm going to fire up Lost Odyssey to see how close I can get to finishing this puppy off once and for all.

Have a good one!