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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Best Next-Gen Game Trailers (2006-2009)

Every year, there is one always one game trailer that stands out from the crowd. I'll be honest: I'm a sucker for well-marketed games. Put out a trailer with a catchy song and impressive visuals and you will get my money.

I wanted to go back and take a look at some of the trailers over the past few years that have really grabbed my attention and my wallet. And I'll reveal the best trailer of 2009. Let's do this!

Here is my list of the best next-gen game trailers of the past four years. I honestly think that the Gears of War "Mad World" trailer (see below) changed my perception of the game industry. While many trailers pander to the bloodlust of your average gamer with explosions, sex, and violence, the best trailers forge their own path to gamers' wallets.

Each of the trailers below played a major role in my ultimate decision to purchase the game. I think they're all exceptional trailers that manage to push the boundaries of standard marketing fanfare. Without further ado, here is my list of the best next-gen game trailers for 2006 to 2009.

2006: Gears of War

2008: Prince of Persia

And the best trailer of 2009 goes to...

Not a day passes that I don't think about Borderlands. I'll likely pick up a copy very soon - perhaps as early as tonight! Torchlight is great, poker is going well, but Borderlands keeps calling my name! And that's what makes a great trailer!

Have a good one!