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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Heading for the Borderlands

After watching the awesome Borderlands trailer a few times last week, I decided that I could no longer wait to play the game. Unfortunately, all of my local game retailers had sold all of their copies of Borderlands. On Friday, I placed a bid for Borderlands on eBay and won! The good news is that I saved a few bucks buying through eBay. The bad news? My game won't arrive until Thursday or Friday.

I've been playing more Torchlight in the past few days. Poker has not gone well so I plan on hitting video games pretty hard. And I'll continue to play Torchlight until Borderlands finally arrives. I considered playing a little Demon's Souls or Dead Space but I was too afraid to give either game a shot. Besides, I don't think I'd give either game a real shot knowing that Borderlands was just around the corner.

I picture getting home from work on Friday. I'll check the mailbox and Borderlands will be waiting for me. I'll make a quick drive out to the liquor store and pick up a few drinks. My first "holiday" video game purchase is always cause for celebration. I'll wait for the kids to go to bed. Once my boys are safely tucked in for the night, I'll grab a drink, pop in Borderlands, and start playing.

I'll likely go with the Soldier class on my first playthrough. I do anticipate playing this game multiple times so I'll get to the other classes in due time. Both the sniper and the siren characters interest me because I've always been a fan of sneaky, long-range gameplay in video games.

While I wait for Borderlands to arrive, I'll continue playing Torchlight. I'm also hoping that either Frequency or Amplitude arrives in the mail this week. The exercise and dieting is finally starting to pay off. I'm less than five pounds away from dropping into the "overweight" BMI category which is pretty good considering where I was a couple of years ago. I've found exercising while playing Guitar Hero is quite fun but I'm looking forward to playing some PS2 rhythm games designed with the DualShock controller in mind.

That's all for today! I'll leave you with some more Borderlands trailers - including my choice for best trailer of the year and the trailer for the newest Borderlands DLC!

Have a great day everyone!