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Monday, November 9, 2009

Uncharted 2 Finished...and Glitched?

I finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves over the weekend. I think it was a great game with a terrific story, solid gameplay, great VO, and a ton of awesome set pieces that really set it apart from any other game I've ever played. Uncharted 2 grabbed me from the get-go and had me pushing to get to the end.

After finishing up the story, I decided to unlock as many of the single-player trophies as I could. I managed to pick up every last trophy in Uncharted 2 save for the trophies requiring "relic collection" and the trophies for finishing the game on Hard and Crushing difficulties.

There is actually a great spot in Chapter 19 (The Siege) that can be used to collect all of the weapon-based and fighting-based trophies in the game. To get all of the trophies, you'll need to finish the game on any difficulty level. In the Bonus Shop, you'll need to purchase all of the weapons required for the various trophies you'll need. I also recommend purchasing the Infinite Ammo and One-Shot Kill tweaks. Now you're ready to get some trophies!

Load up The Siege chapter on Very Easy difficulty (or on a harder difficulty if you want to work for your trophies). Once you're in control of Drake, enable the two tweaks purchased above. Now give Drake a weapon from bonus weapons that you also purchased above. Now you'll need to get to the sweet spot on the map that will allow you to kill as many enemies as you need to unlock all of the trophies you need.

From the start point of the chapter, make your way down the path. After taking out a number of soldiers, you'll come around a second bend and find a soldier grappling with a villager. Kill him and make your way to the village square ahead. There is an elevated mounted machine gun laying waste to the entire area to the left of the square. Stick to the right of the village square and make your way into the first house on the right located across the square from the mounted machine gun. You'll need to take out a number of soldiers who come pouring into the house.

Once you're more or less alone, peek out of the door facing the square and take out the machine gunner located across the way on the second floor. Here's where the trick/glitch comes into play. Once the machine gunner is dead, an infinite stream of enemy soldiers will attempt to climb up and man the machine gun. As long as you stay in the house, you can continue shooting these soldiers as they attempt to climb up to the machine gun. The soldiers will always spawn from the right side of the screen and will always move right to left. You can continue shooting these soldiers until you've cleared all of your "kill X enemies using weapon Y" trophies. And if a soldier happens to make it up to the machine gun, take him out and the infinite re-spawning of soldiers will start again.

I found a video that demonstrates exactly what I'm talking about. However, if you've spent any time playing Uncharted 2, this "glitch" is really not difficult to find by yourself. I was actually pretty impressed that I figured this out all on my own without going online for help.

I found the toughest trophy to unlock was the "Kill 200 enemies with the Gau-19". It was hard holding down the L1 and RI buttons for ten minutes straight while my controller vibrated like crazy. I had to turn down the volume on my TV and focus on something other than the carpal tunnel pain that kicked in about two minutes into my killing spree.

With Uncharted 2 all finished (save for syncing my trophies), I'll probably go back to Demon's Souls and Dragon Quest VIII. I've also got to start hitting the exercise bike again. I have not been eating very well since Hallowe'en and I'm starting to see my poor exercise and eating habits reflected in my bathroom scale.

Have a good one!