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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who needs Grand Theft Auto?

I didn't play any video games yesterday. I ended up pulling my eBay auctions for the various Grand Theft Auto packs that I'm trying to unload. I figured I'd try trading the games in at Blockbuster or EB Games first. Unfortunately, PS2 games are worth squat in terms of trade-in value. So it's back to eBay in the hopes that I'll recover some of the wasted $100 that I dumped on GTA games over the past six months. Serves me right, I guess.

Despite feeling pretty bummed about losing my loving feeling of the GTA franchise, I've found a couple of games that I'd like to play. The first is Borderlands. I should have bought the game when it was on sale at Best Buy for $40. Borderlands looks amazing! It seems to evoke the best gameplay elements from classics like Diablo II and Too Human (classic in my mind). I'm going to buy Borderlands: it's a just a matter of when. If things go poorly on the poker front, Borderlands could be purchased in the next couple of weeks.

The other game that I'd like to try is Torchlight. It's a PC game...but so was Diablo II. It looks great and sounds pretty addictive. I'm going to download the demo tonight to see if Torchlight will run on my notebook computer. If it runs, I'll probably spend the $20 to buy it!

I should also give Demon's Souls another run. I'm still stuck trying to take down the Dragon God (2-3). He's pretty nasty and I've done nothing but die whenever I try to face off against him. Maybe this video will help me overcome this seemingly easy boss fight.

Have a good one!