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Monday, December 14, 2009

Vacationing on Pandora

Still alive and still playing Borderlands. I can't see any other game coming along to keep me away from this game. I'm loving it!

I've worked my Hunter to Level 31. I've just entered the Trash Coast and looking forward to more killing, looting, and helping out the under-privileged on the savage planet of Pandora.

For those of you interested in Borderlands, you can check out my current build. I also use a class mod that ups Bloodwing's attack damage by 40%, adds 2 to Swift Strike, adds 2 to Aerial Impact, and adds 3 to Out for Blood.

My basic style of attack is to snipe enemies from a distance. As enemies close in on my position, I send Bloodwing out to take out most of baddies. I clean up what's left with either a nasty corrosive revolver or my power-packed explosive revolver (230 base damage, x3 explosive). Basically, the everything on the screen turns into a fine red mist in short-order.

I've probably played upwards of 30 hours in Borderlands so far. I still have quite a bit to do in my first playthrough with my Hunter. I dabbled with the Soldier, Siren, and Berserker classes but decided to stick with Mordecai. The combination of sniper rifle, Bloowdwing, and pistol proficiency is just plain awesome.

I hope everyone is enjoying their games out there. We've seen quite a few cool releases in the past couple months. I'd play more of those games but the Christmas season, familial obligations, and poker are eating up quite a bit of my time.

Have a good one!