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Monday, February 8, 2010

First Impressions: Dead Space

For the first time in the past month and a half, I actually played some video games this past weekend. I settled in with Dead Space and strategically dismembered the game's first four chapters. Dead Space is creepy and chock-full of jump scares. And if I was playing on a difficulty setting higher than "Easy", I'd probably have died much more than I did. It's hard to defend yourself against a necromorph when your controller's laying on the floor and you're hiding in the other room.

Despite being afraid to play Dead Space, I'm really enjoying the game. The production values are high, gameplay is fun, and the story is really pulling me in. I spent the weekend fumbling about the USG Ishimura, a massive "planet cracker" starship, trying to keep alive and save the day. I've managed to turn on the Ishimura's power, engage the Ishimura's engines to prevent it from crashing into a nearby planet, and turn on an automated turret system to save the ship from nearby asteroids. Each of these tasks has been punctuated by horrific attacks by nightmarish necromorphs and many atmospheric dangers.

I'll likely play some more Dead Space tonight. I'll try and finish off another chapter before I go to bed...and maybe finish a second chapter once I realize I'm too afraid to turn off the lights.

Check out the following trailer and reviews of Dead Space. It's a creepy game but well worth playing by anyone who likes video games and sci-fi movies.

Have a good one!