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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Chickened Out

I was all set to play Dead Space last night. I started my evening with a quick online poker session. And then my wife and I watched some TV. Before I knew it, it was almost midnight and my wife was going to bed. I had Dead Space in my hand and ready for my PS3 but chickened out at the last second. It's just too creepy to play that late at night...

I ended up playing a little bit of Puzzle Quest on my 360. I hadn't played Puzzle Quest for a long, long while. Talk about an addictive game. I think I stopped playing at around 1:30 or so. I got that panicky "I stayed up way too late" feeling and promptly turned everything off and went to bed.

Thankfully, Puzzle Quest works quite well as pre-sleep entertainment. No strategic dismemberment, no tentacle-babies crawling along the walls, and no blood and gore dripping from teh walls. I fell asleep thinking of matching colored gems and levelling up.

Tonight will be different. It's all about Dead Space and wall-to-wall horror. We'll have to see how soundly I sleep after cutting my way through hordes of grotesque necromorphs and a neverending string of jump-scares!