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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm NOT Batman

I've already discarded any thoughts of for the full 1000 GamerPoint in Lego Batman. I failed to notice a co-op related achievement. I don't have a second controller nor do I have an Xbox Live Gold account. With a perfect gamerscore unobtainable, I've decided to prune out some of the other achievements that would have taken me a while to complete. Lego Batman is good but I'm not too keen on spending countless hours trying to raise my gamerscore by an extra couple hundred gamerpoints.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate multiplayer achievements?

Here's the list of the  Lego Batman achievements that I've decided to abandon. At least I'll get to start Metal Gear Solid 4 sooner rather than later. Gotham forgive me...

League of Assassins (30 GamerPoint: Unlock all the Villain characters.
This achievement seems easy enough to unlock. However, one of the Villains (Hush) can only be obtained by rescuing all 25 civilians hidden throughout the game. With 100% completion out of my grasp, I don't feel like digging through each of the levels again to rescue anybody.

1007 Mountain Drive (30 GamerPoint): Complete Wayne Manor bonus level.
I would need to find the 1,000,000 studs hidden throughout the Wayne Manor bonus level to unlock this achievement. There are walkthroughs available online but I'm just not feeling up to the task for a mere 30 GamerPoint. I'm feeling video-game lazy right now, I guess.

The city is safe... for now (50 GamerPoint): 100% game completion.
I guess Gotham will never truly be safe while I'm at the helm. I'll let the Lego enthusiasts and 10 year-olds with limited gaming budgets claim victory with this achievement.

Vigilante (25 GamerPoint): Rescue 25 civilians.
Poor civilians. You will be missed.

Sidekick (15 GamerPoint): Complete a level in co-op.
And here we have the achievement that killed my ambition. I understand the need to promote multiplayer and co-operative aspects of video games. But I hate it when achievements force me to "drink the Kool-Aid" or settle for an imperfect gamerscore. At least Batman: Arkham Asylum didn't force me to play through portions of the game with Robin at my side.

Memorabilia (35 GamerPoint): Collect all Memorabilia
This achievement is an old-fashioned "hidden package" hunt. There are 10 items hidden on each of Lego Batman's 30 levels. Using the Minikit Detector cheat in Free Play mode is enough to find each of these pieces of memorabilia. But it would take a while and require an extraordinary amount of effort and patience on my part. Nope - not doing it...

I should still be able to clear 40 out of 46 achievements for a total score of 815 GamerPoint. And thanks to cheat codes and my lightning-fast reflexes, Lego Batman should be finished by early next week.

Have a good one!


Duncan Heaney said...

Hmm... that last one is quite annoying. Especially when there's no online co-op.

I think it takes a certain obsessive-compulsive mindset to get 100% on the LEGO games. I never managed to stick it out either - especially in the last one (Lego Indy 2). Man, that game was deeply tedious.

Klopzi said...

Duncan -

I hear ya. I've got too many games to play and very little time. Spending 30-40 hours hunting down every last achievement in a game just doesn't seem worth it to me. Of course, that sometimes depends on the game.