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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

World Saved, Universe Saved, and Still No Golf...

I finished off a couple of games over the weekend. I saved the world in Modern Warfare 2. And I saved the universe in R&CF: A Crack in Time. All in all, a pretty heroic weekend to say the least.

Unfortunately, I'm still not happy...

After obsessing about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 late last week, I haven't been able to stop thinking about the game. I made the mistake of downloading and playing the PGA Tour 10 demo on my PS3. I'm now in full-blown "gotta have it" mode. I know it seems strange to get this excited about a golf game but that's how I work, I guess.

I could get PGA Tour 10 for my Xbox 360 for half the price of the PS3 version. But I'm not a Xbox Live Gold member and I'm really looking to play golf online against the rest of the world. The current retail price of PGA Tour 10 is $70 (PS3) and $40 (Xbox 360). As much as (I think) I love golf games, $70 is too much.

I've managed to locate a couple cheaper alternatives online. I've found a $30 copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 on Goozex (a game-trading network site). I've also found a $45 brand-new copy on eBay. I have a funny feeling that the $30 trade won't go through for some reason or another. I could also go with the eBay copy; however, it would be shipping from Florida which means 2-3 weeks until I get the game.

I'm seriously going crazy with all of this. How hard is it to find a cheap copy of a 9-month old EA Sports game?

My plans for tonight, besides obsessing over a year-old golf game, is to finish up the rest of R&CF: A Crack in Time. With the main story finished, I've decided to find the last of the gold bolts, Zoni, Ryno V construction plans, and weapon upgrades. I won a treasure map (by finishing the Raritarium Tournament) that shows the location of each collectible remaining in the game. I found all of the Zoni last night before bed and should be able to locate most of the remaining collectibles tonight.

I may also pop out to my local Blockbuster to see if I can snag a used copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 - 09 for my Xbox 360. A little something to tide me over until I can get my hands on PGA Tour 10. I think both PGA Tour 07 and PGA Tour 08 look pretty good and still offer a lot of replay value without the need for online matches.