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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Boom! Tee Shot!

I played another couple hours of Tiger Woods 10 last night. The time really flies when I'm playing video game golf. My plan for the night was to tackle more of the trophies and inch my way ever-closer to my first Platinum trophy. I'm probably a little delusional to think that Tiger Woods 10 will be the game to break my Platinum trophy cherry. It's still something that I'm keeping in the back of mind for the time being.

I ended up clearing a few trophies last night.

I picked up a Silver trophy for "Play with the Big Boys" by hitting a 400+ yard drive. This trophy only took me a few tries to finally nail down. The most difficult part was finding the appropriate course and hole to use. I went with the 16th hole on Bethpage (pictured above). I fired a juiced-up tee shot from the elevated tee for a total distance of 450 yards, thanks in no small part to a strong 34 mph wind helping to push my ball onto the back of the green.

My next trophy was another Silver for "Big Tuna". This trophy is awarded for hitting all greens and fairways in regulation using tuned clubs. I'd already tuned all of my clubs last weekend in an attempt to balance my yardages and increase my tee-off distance. I will admit that I took the easy route in earning this trophy. I created an 18 hole custom course comprising only the 9th hole at St. Andrew's Old Course. It's a rather short Par 4 hole with wide fairways and a large, flat green. I think I shot a -32 for the round. I might have done a little better had I not been focusing so much on sinking my tee shot for the Aces High trophy (which I have not earned yet).

The last trophy I picked up was another Silver for Raindancer (play in the rain and score an Eagle or better). I loaded up my custom course, set the weather to Light Rain, then knocked in an a 3 foot Eagle putt. Ding! Trophy time!

I also played another PGA Tour tournament at Pebble Beach: The AT&T Pro-Am. I have my PGA Tour season set for only 1 round of golf per tournament. I was leading the field at -6 going into the 18th hole. I then proceeded to choke horribly. My tee shot went out of bounds. My third short hit the bunker along the right-side of the fairway. My fourth shot hit a green-side bunker. From there, I managed an up-and-down for a double bogey 6. Brutal! Hopefully I'll find my first PGA Tour win soon.

I'll be trying for another few trophies tonight. I'll be playing my custom course because, in all honesty, I'm not good enough or consistent enough to earn most of the harder trophies on a standard 18 hole course. If all goes well, I'll earn the following three trophies:

  1. Aces High: Ace a Par 4 or a Par 5 hole in any Traditional or Online game mode.

    I'll keep trying to sink my tee shots at St. Andrew's 9th. I'm bound to get lucky eventually. I may move back to the blue tees to make things a little easier. I was trying to hit my tee shots light last night. I think trying for a perfect 100% swing from the longer tees is a much better way of earning this trophy.

  2. Bare Minimum: Play a round under Par in a Traditional or Online game mode with a Driver, SW, 5 Iron and Putter.

    This shouldn't be too hard to pull off on my custom course. I should only need my Driver and Putter to pull off this achievement.

  3. The Ultimate Challenge: Shoot Par or under on Tour Pro in an 18-hole round, using the Precision Putter, Green Grid set to Off, Very Fast Greens and Fairways, and Long Roughs.

    I should be able to pull this off on my custom course. I guess it will all depend on how well I handle playing the game on Tour Pro difficulty. If all else fails, any attempts made to pick up this trophy will help me practice the skills I'll need to compete at the highest levels of Tiger Woods 10.

Have a good one!