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Monday, April 26, 2010

Snakes, Thunder, and Lightning

I finished up Metal Gear Solid 4 over the weekend. It was a very good game with some epic gameplay sequences and cinematics. But you couldn't pay me enough to sit through that game's cutscenes ever again. Phew...I don't think I've ever watched so many cutscenes in my life. Even the Final Fantasy series seems like a twitch action game compared to the 80% of MGS4.

I did enjoy Metal Gear Solid 4's story but I feel that the script was far too cumbersome. There were too many superfluous cutscenes that dragged the game down. MGS4's final series of cutscenes stretches on for roughly one and a half hours...and they were dull. I would have shut the game off had I known how much useless dialogue would be waiting for me in the final hour of the game. Watch the ending of Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King and you'll get an idea of how MGS4 finishes up: one great ending bypassed, five good endings that could have wrapped things up nicely missed, and the final nonsensical, sloppy, shit-ending that Kojima and crew decided to use. And for the record, how many times can a person collapse and almost die only to get right back up and continue on as if everything's fine?

All in all, Metal Gear Solid 4 was great. I just wish the game's ending had been suitably edited and presented with a bit more punch. It's a shame that the game left such a poor final impression.

On a positive note, I have got some great games coming this week! I managed to pick up copies of Valkyria Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII over the weekend! With those two games purchased and paid for, I'm officially putting myself on a spending-freeze. I'm not buying any more games this year...unless something really, really, really cool hits stores shelves! I'm almost 100% serious this time and you can take that to the bank! Maybe give me a quick call before you cash that cheque though...you know, to give me time to move things around...with the economy and everything...you know how it is, right?

My plans for this week are to kill time with Just Cause 2 (a great game in its own right that I've neglected) and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 until Final Fantasy XIII arrives on my door step. Once FFXIII arrives, you can expect a whole lotta J-RPG talk on The Greedy Gamer.

I can't wait! I hope that I enjoy Final Fantasy XIII. There are some reviewers who loved it and others who found it to be long, tedious, and stale. I guess I'll find out this coming Thursday or Friday when my game arrives!


Nicholas said...

Interesting review. It's a shame about the cutscenes, it makes it sound more like an RPG rather then a stealth/action game. When you have time, cheack out this blog http://videogamereview1.blogspot.com/

Klopzi said...

Nicholas -

MGS4 definitely straddles the line between video game and B-movie. I'd only recommend the game to fans of the Metal Gear series and J-RPG enthusiasts looking for a little more action. And, of course, any fans of slow camera pans over the crotches of computer-generated characters would love MGS4 as well.

Thanks for stopping by!