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Friday, April 9, 2010

Teeing It Up for Trophies, Titles, and Accomplishments

I tried to pick up the Aces High trophy last night while playing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. I gave it about 45 minutes then threw in the towel. It's next-to-impossible to get a hole in one on a Par 4 in real life. In the game, it's definitely a trying and annoying task but definitely do-able.

I'll keep the Aces High trophy on my weekend golf "to-do" list. Check out my full list below.

For the few days, I've told myself that I'm going to start playing my other games. I don't have the time to really get good at Tiger Woods 10I. But then I start thinking about golf while I'm at work. By the time I get home at night, I can't wait to sit down and play a few rounds. If my wife gets fed up and leaves me over my video game golf addiction, I'm going to write EA a very nasty letter.

In addition to the PS3-specific trophies, there are a number of in-game achievements that I'll be working on over the weekend. I've also made up a list of the online accomplishments that are also tied to my EA Sport profile. I'd like to tick off as many of these accomplishments as I can over the coming days, weeks, and months. I'm working towards the ultimate "S" rank in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. The real question is: will I get this all done before Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 comes out?

I'm going to focus on the following trophies, accomplishments, and other tasks over the weekend:

  1. Aces High: Ace a Par 4 or a Par 5 hole in any Traditional or Online game mode.

    I came to within 3 inches of the prize last night before I lost my touch and started swearing. I'm getting this trophy over the weekend even if I go crazy trying to earn it.

  2. Piece of Cake: Post a Top 50 score in a Live Tournament.

    I played my second-ever live tournament round last night. My score of -9 put me at spot 51 on the leaderboard. Seriously. I can't believe I came so close and failed to clinch the trophy. I was -7 going into the final two holes on the course, both Par 5s. On the 17th hole, I missed the green on my second shot and two-putted for Par. I managed an Eagle on the 18th but it wasn't good enough to put me in the top 50. How did I fail to get at least birdie on the 17th? Pretty frustrating...

    I'm hoping to post a top 50 score over the weekend in one of the many daily tournaments running. And for what it's worth, the Amateur tournaments seem a little easier than the Tour Pro tournaments. It appears that everyone and his brother is playing the Tour Pro tournaments. The cut-off for a Top 50 spot in the Tour Pro daily last night was -12 as opposed to the -10 for the Amateur tournament. I'll tell you: the online golf community is pretty damned good!

  3. Online Accomplishments

    I've currently cleared 15 of the 37 total EA Sports Accomplishments tied to Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. These accomplishments earn me EA Sports credits (no real-world value) and straight-up bragging rights. I'm going to try and clear at least two more online accomplishments over the weekend: Hole in One and Reach Level 10 Short Game Attribute (currently at 9.5).

  4. Work on the Tournament Challenges

    Tiger Woods 10 has a total of 64 Tournament Challenges. There are 4 challenges for each of the game's 16 included courses. I've finished almost half of the challenges. They are getting much harder though. The first few challenges I played were simple long-drive or follow-the-leader contests. But now I'm tasked with some pretty difficult challenges such as: birdie four holes in a row under tough course conditions, beat a real-world pro in stroke play over a round of golf, and many other time-consuming and difficult contests. The challenges are pretty frustrating at times but also very rewarding.

I'm sorry that I haven't been playing much else besides golf. Sports games can be very time consuming. These games rely on gamers improving their skills to navigate the game's many challenges instead of simply advancing a story. I love big adventures and amazing graphics in games but there's something to be said for the trial and error gaming and challenges that go hand in hand with sports games.

I'm really enjoying the wealth of gaming offered up by Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. Throw in the countless achievements, trophies, online tournaments, and various game modes and it's the perfect storm for destroying my desire to do anything but play video game golf.

Have a great weekend!