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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time to Change Things Up

I think I've finally gotten video game golf out of my system...for the time being. I'll admit that the quality of online players, legit or otherwise, makes playing online less rewarding for a player such as myself. Even the lowest tier tournaments available in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 cannot be won without shooting anything less than a birdie on every hole. I can't compete with that given my other duties as a family man.

I can confirm right now that I plan on keeping Tiger Woods 10 for a long while. I'll likely keep playing the Tournament Challenges and the daily live tournaments when I can. I'd like to earn the Platinum trophy but it's hard to say when I'll reach that goal. I hope that the upcoming release of Tiger Woods 11 will see the better players leave for uncharted waters, giving me the opportunity to snap off a few live tournament wins.

I put out a list of games that I was planning on playing this year. This list has changed in the past few months. I've added some games, taken others away (e.g. the unfortunate removal of Mass Effect 2), and started tracking my current status with the games I've played or plan on playing. It's tough work coming up with content for a gaming site that revolves around my experience with video games instead of the obvious "industry news". I think that Joystiq, Kotaku, and Gamespot all do a great job of delivering the latest and greatest in the world of game industry headlines. I won't bother competing with them.

With PGA Tour 10 being moved to the backburner, I plan on tackling Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen next. I have Just Cause 2 begging to be played as well. I have so many games right now. Should I put myself on another completely meaningless "spending freeze"? What's the point? I'll just do my best to limit any new game purchases until I've finished off Transformers, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Just Cause 2. That shouldn't be too hard...right?