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Friday, May 28, 2010

Goodbye Alpha Protocol, Hello Crackdown 2!

It looks like the reviews are coming in for Alpha Protocol. Things don't look good for this heavily marketed,gritty, and decidedly mediocre espionage RPG. I'd just updated my Year of Gaming "wishlist" to include Alpha Protocol as a possible new addition to my gaming library. Thankfully, Obsidian and Sega screwed things up enough that I won't have to worry about clogging my gaming library with another RPG.

Obisidian announced that Alpha Protocol was completed months ago and that it was undergoing some heavy polish prior to its retail release. This was either untrue or Obsidian/Sega were unable to take a step back and see their game for what it was: an unfinished, unpolished game. I have to say that Alpha Protocol's graphical glitches and disappointing gameplay have forced me to reconsider Obsidian's other big 2010 release Fallout: New Vegas.

I had a spot in my gaming library reserved for New Vegas but I'm not so sure anymore. Perhaps another couple playthroughs of Borderlands would better deliver a satisfying post-apocalyptic gaming fix.

I'll be updating my "Year of Gaming" list later today. I'm going to remove Alpha Protocol and Fallout: New Vegas (prove me wrong Obsidian). At the same time, I'm thinking of adding Crackdown 2 and moving Mass Effect 2 into my "must-buy" list of games for the year. It's funny how quickly my opinions can change within a single 24-hour period.

I'll be playing a ton of Valkyria Chronicles this weekend. I still have to formalize my first impressions of the game but haven't had time. It's a fun tactical RPG with great visuals, solid story (so far), fun combat, and a combat ranking system that rewards speed over sound tactics. But I had a blast last night trying to earn A rankings (i.e. equivalent to the Japanese S Rank) in the first two skirmishes (i.e. training battles) offered. For the record, I was able to earn an A rank on the first two skirmishes in Easy mode using only Rosie's awesome combat abilities and Alicia's speedy little legs.

Since I was remiss in mentioning Crackdown 2 as a potential new addition to my gaming library yesterday, I'll leave you with a trailer for this (hopefully) awesome upcoming game. Have a great weekend!