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Friday, May 21, 2010

Story Time [Final Fantasy XIII]

I sat down to play Final Fantasy XIII last night. My intention was to grind out some Crystarium Points (CP) and try to sell loot. These plans soon went out the window when I realized that my progress was pretty-well capped until I advance to the next part of the game. I also used up a bunch of components that, unbeknownst to me, were worth a whole lot of Gil. Damn...

Each of my party members in Final Fantasy XIII have three primary roles and three secondary roles. For example, Lightning's primary roles are Commando, Ravager, and Medic; secondary roles are Saboteur, Synergist, and Sentinel. A character's secondary roles are pretty limited and aren't critical to success in FFXIII. There is a trophy related to maxing out all six roles for each of the six party members: it is a long and grueling trophy hunt that appeals only to hardcore Final Fantasy fans and trophy-whores. I love Final Fantasy but I don't think I'm willing to grind out the CP necessary to max out every role.

And this brings me to my current problem: every character in my group has maxed out his/her primary roles in the Crystarium (a.k.a. upgrade grid). I can stock up to 999,999 CP for every character (that's a whole lot) so I won't be losing out on anything if I refuse to spend points in my characters' secondary roles. But I do lose that sense of progress that only comes with "leveling up" and gaining new abilities.

My revised plan of attack for FFXIII is to unlock the next stage of development in the Crystarium. New stages of character development are unlocked though story advancement - usually precluded by a massive boss fight. If I can return to Gran Pulse after the big fight, I'll try and clear up as many of the optional Cie'th side missions as possible. Some of these side missions will be too hard for me to complete until I've maxed out my characters' primary roles. And if I can't return to Gran Pulse, I'll be force to wait until I've completed Final Fantasy XIII's main storyline.

I keep going back and forth between simply finishing Final Fantasy XIII for the story and really pushing to grab a bunch of trophies. Some of the major game achievements come with premium PS3 themes. I have the Sazh theme running right now and it's very nice. I'm tempted to try for some of the other trophies and their associated themes. But I'm also tempted to start playing Valkyria Chronicles sometime this year.

I'll just focus on playing a bunch of Final Fantasy XIII over the coming long weekend. What trophies and PS3 themes I unlock are anybody's guess.

Have a great weekend everyone!