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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aces High!

I finally did it! At 12:47 last night, I hit a 282 yard drive straight into the cup on St. Andrews' Par 4 9th hole! My first hole-in-one in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10! And my first (and likely last) aced Par 4! It was extremely satisfying to see the Aces High trophy pop up on my screen a few seconds after sinking my tee shot. I must have spent about 7 hours total (or roughly 800 attempts) trying to unlock this trophy.

Unfortunately, I still have a couple more trophies to deal with before I'm willing to leave Tiger Woods 10 in the clubhouse.

The two hardest trophies to acquire in Tiger Woods 10 are Big Money and Ten Thousand Ways. They are not difficult to unlock in the traditional sense. These trophies are simply a testament to the patience and perseverance of an online golfer.

Big Money is unlocked upon earning $5,000,000 in online tournament winnings. This can be tough. The daily and weekly tournament winners are all able to shoot at least a birdie on every hole with eagles on each Par 5 hole. The winning scores are even more ridiculous in the amateur tournaments where the first place finishers tend to submit round scores of -30 or lower. Pretty sick, completely unrealistic, and frustrating. To make matters worse, these tournament winners continue to play the daily tournaments each and every day, simply happy to deprive other players from tasting victory. Or perhaps they derive some form of self worth from crushing the hopes of other players.

Thankfully, I've found some great tips to earning the Big Money trophy fairly quickly:

  • Enter all the Play The Pro daily tournaments, when available. These tournaments last four rounds each but the payouts, especially for Tour Pro difficulty tournaments, can't be quite high ($250,000 or more).

  • Play the daily Tier tournament available to all players. I currently play Tier 3 tournaments and can earn anywhere from $50,000 - $100,000 for a single round of golf (shooting -15 or better).

  • Play the daily Extreme tournaments. These tournaments have far fewer entries than your standard Amateur daily tournaments. Less entries means more money per player. Expect to earn a good chunk of change - even if you happen to finish in last place (assuming less than 300 entrants).

In order to get the most out of your day-to-day play, you'll need to play 10 rounds of golf. That's quite a bit. If you don't have that kind of time, I'd recommend focusing on the daily Extreme tournament and one of the Play The Pro daily tournaments. Lather, rinse, and repeat for 20-30 days and you should acquire the elusive Big Money trophy.

Once I've picked up the Big Money trophy, I'll focus on the Ten Thousand Ways trophy. This trophy is unlocked by earning 10,000 GamerNet Player Points. GamerNet Points are earned in one of two ways: beat online challenges posted by other players or complete mini-challenges presented during every round of golf you play in the game (single-player, tournament, and online multiplayer)..

I have 6,700 GamerNet Player Points so far. I've earned most of these points by playing golf, as opposed to taking on GamerNet challenges. Once I've unlocked the Big Money trophy, I hope to have around the 7,500 - 8,000 GamerNet Points. The easiest way to clear the remaining points necessary will be to focus on beating the 18-hole GamerNet Challenges. Other players from around the world play 18-hole rounds of golf and post their rounds as 18-hole challenges. There can be a number of different criteria that must be met to "beat" these GamerNet challenges. Common criteria include matching or beating a certain score, hitting birdie streaks, eagles streaks, or hitting a certain number of greens in regulation (GIR) or fairways in regulation (FIR). These challenges are a little time consuming but not too difficult depending on how many GamerNet points you're looking to clear in a single 18-hole round of golf. I'll focus on 18-hole rounds on Amateur difficulty with scores no lower than -10 and no other tricky criteria (e.g. 6 eagles or 2 hole-in-ones in the round). These challenges can earn 500 or more GamerNet Player Points per round of golf.

I don't think I'll be able to Platinum Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 before I start playing Mass Effect. But I am going to try to earn my last two trophies before the end of the summer. I've come this far so no point giving up now.

Have a good one!