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Friday, June 4, 2010

Good News Everyone!

I bought a new PSP Go on Wednesday night from FutureShop. The price was a just-bearable $249.99 thanks to Sony's latest promotion. I also had a gift card that brought down that price quite substantially. I spent all of Wednesday night prepping my PSP Go: system updates, downloading demos, grabbing themes, and registering my new device with Sony. I held off on using my PSP Go until yesterday's commute. In one word: awesome!

There is one small problem though. The analog stick and/or digital controls (not sure which) are causing my on-screen cursor to move "down" on its own. This hasn't been a problem with the demos I've been playing but I'm worried that things could get worse. So I've decided to swap my PSP Go for a brand new retail box this weekend. I'm hoping the new PSP Go doesn't suffer from the same issue. I guess this doesn't really qualify as good news but things are looking up, as you'll see below.

The first bit of great news? The PSP Go is now on sale for $30 off. My purchase from FutureShop is price protected. This means that I'll have my original purchase discounted by $30. So I'll get a brand new PSP Go for $30 less than what I paid on Wednesday: not too shabby! I should also be able to set up my new PSP Go very quickly having just completed the procedure a couple nights ago.

And now for the next bit of amazing news! My copy of Mass Effect arrived last night. I got the Pinnacle Station and Bring Down The Sky DLC installed and then launched Mass Effect. Microsoft Game Studios logo, Bioware logo, and the Mass Effect title screen took their turns grabbing my attention.

I pressed the START button to begin.

I opted to start a new career because I'd deleted all of my previous Mass Effect data.

After setting some options for my "new" Shepard, I'm was asked to select a bonus starting skill. Wait - what? I thought that the "bonus" skills were only available after completing a first playthrough of Mass Effect.

I quickly jumped back a few steps and selected an existing ID. And there he was! Matthew Shepard, my level 49 Adept, ready for action! I guess Bioware stored the special "end game" save file somewhere on my 360 hard drive where I couldn't touch it! My entire first playthrough had been on my drive the entire time!

Now that I can continue playing Mass Effect with my Adept, I'm going for 100% completion. This will be a 3 step process:

  1. Weapon Expert and Talent Specialist Playthrough

    I'll play as an Engineer on the Casual setting. I'm only looking to clear the weapon expert and talent specialist achievements that eluded me in my first playthrough. I've already started this playthrough and currently find myself at Pinnacle Station. I'll be clearing all of my expert (Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle) and specialist (Neural Shock, Damping, Overload, AI Hacking, Sabotage) achievements in the Simulator. However, I expect that it will take me at least 4-6 hours (two gaming sessions) to clear these achievements.

    I may also revert to this game to clear Pinnacle Station if I find it too difficult to accomplish on difficulties other than Casual.

  2. Hardcore Playthrough

    Thanks to Matthew Shepard, I've also started a Hardcore playthrough of Mass Effect. I'll be taking the Paragon route this time. My plan is use Wrex and Kaiden as squadmates to earn the Krogan Ally and Sentinel Ally achievements. I expect Hardcore mode to be a real kick in pants in terms of difficulty. But I'm ready!

  3. Insanity Playthrough

    My last playthrough should allow me to get Matthew Shepard to level 60! I expect Insanity mode to be awe-inspiringly difficult. I'll be spamming Singularity and Warp as fast as I can to help level the playing field. I'm hoping that Li'ara (Asari Ally) and Garrus (Turian Ally) will be able to hold their own and save my skin. This playthrough will likely be frustrating and frightening but it will be worth it for a hard-fought and well-deserved 100% completion.

My weekend will be spent setting up a second PSP Go and playing a whole lot of Mass Effect. It's going to be a great couple of days!

Have a great weekend everyone!


anotherdae said...

love my PSP on the cummute

Klopzi said...

@anotherdae -

I'm really liking my PSP too. I've never had a 40 minute bus-ride go by in the blink of an eye.