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Sunday, June 27, 2010

A (Very Rare) Weekend Update

I don't normally post anything on the weekends but given that I have so very few readers, I didn't think anyone would mind.

I finally pulled the trigger on a copy of Heavy Rain. I was hoping to buy a new retail copy of the game but the $70 price tag was a little too steep. I found a used copy of Heavy Rain on eBay for $37 including tax and shipping.

I feel bad about not supporting Quantic Dream more directly so I'm going to buy the Taxidermist DLC. I've heard that the DLC adds very little to the overall experience but we're only talking about $5. I remember seeing a Heavy Rain trailer last year featuring scenes from The Taxidermist. It looked cool and creepy so I figure that I'll get my money's worth.

I've also traded away my copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. I was too annoyed by the grinding nature of my last two remaining trophies. And the online competition was way too good (or dishonest). I got very little compensation from my sale of the game but it'll be good to know that someone else is enjoying the game more than I would have had I kept it.

I've also been playing some games the past couple days. I finished off Tales of Monkey Island on Friday night. I'll admit to browsing a walkthrough in order to pass the final challenge of the game - and I'm glad I did! I would have spent hours trying to figure out the final fight of the game. The only hint I'll give is that you'll need to really on the timing of certain events to beats Tales epic end boss.

I'm now back into Mass Effect. I'm finding Insanity mode to be a little less forgiving but not too bad. The advantages of playing as a level 59 Adept means that most enemies don't stand a chance. My party will walk into an area, launch all enemies into the air, and finish the fight before it's begun. Awesome stuff, really.

In order to get the remaining four achievements in Mass Effect, I'll have to do as many missions as possible in my last playthrough. I'm not sure how long this will all take - perhaps another 15-20 hours. At least I can breeze through most cutscenes and conversations which should speed things along.

Have a good one.


anotherdae said...

Whats the gameplay of Tales of Monkey Island like? All the trailers I've seen are cut scenes while they look good and I like the art style I need to know wheter this is actually fun to play.

Klopzi said...

@anotherdae -

Gameplay in Tales of Monkey Island is exactly what you'd expect from a Monkey Island game. Great script, lots of humour, and tricky yet intuitive puzzles.

The controls have also been reworked in Tales to work quite well with a controller (instead of mouse and keyboard). A combination of analog sticks and the shoulder buttons makes interacting with the environment simple,effective, and fun.

All in all, Tales is an incredible game and a solid addition to the Monkey Island series. If you've liked any previous Monkey Island games, Tales of Monkey Island is a must-buy game.