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Friday, August 13, 2010

Goodbye Mr. Marston [Red Dead Redemption]

Another week down and it was a great one! Despite being way too busy to post, I have played a lot of Red Dead Redemption this past week. I just finished the game last night, as a matter of fact. My total time spent playing the game came in at a hair under 28 hours. And let me tell you: it was time well spent! Rockstar did a tremendous job with Red Dead Redemption. It is the pinnacle of open-world gaming and sets the bar extremely high for any games I play from now on.

I feel a little sad leaving John Marston behind but it's time to move on. I honestly believe that he is the best videogame character ever created. Tough, cool, calm, moral, and vicious when it comes to protecting his ideals, his friends, and his family. Don't worry Mr. Marston: I'll be back someday...on my PS3.

Looking ahead, there are a lot of games in my current game library that I need to tackle as soon as possible. Of course, I couldn't call myself the Greedy Gamer if I didn't have a whole slew of games that I'm looking to purchase in the not-so-distant future.

First things first though. Here are the games that I plan on playing before I purchase any new games:

  • Secret of Monkey Island 2 SE: LeChuck's Revenge:
    I love the Monkey Island series. I can't wait to start playing (or rather replaying) LeChuck's Revenge tonight.

  • Heavy Rain:
    David Cage's follow-up to Indigo Prophecy looks like an incredible and emotional roller coaster ride through the Uncanny Valley.

  • Overlord:
    That's right! I'm finally going to start and finish Overlord this year. I've put it off for a long while and the time has come to finish this puppy off!

I'm also putting together a list of other games that I'm thinking of buying and playing this year. But I'll try not and get too far ahead of myself. The three games above will take me a little while to finish, giving me time to revise my wish list for the latter half of 2010.

Have a great weekend!