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Monday, August 16, 2010

An Overlord with PS3 HDMI Port Issues

I was all set to play some Monkey Island 2 over the weekend. On Friday night, I fire up my PS3...but something's wrong. First off, the theme I'd selected was gone and replaced by the default PS3 dynamic theme. Weird. Then I noticed something even more strange and disturbing: the image and sound were crackling with semi-constant static and awful flickering.

What the hell happened to my PS3?!

I was determined to figure out the cause of the problem. I tested my PS3 with a new HDMI cable: no change. I tried plugging my PS3 into two different HDMI ports on my TV: no change. It seemed that my PS3's HDMI port had, for some reason or another, stopped working. I don't move my PS3 ever nor had I touched the HMDI cable since first plugging it in January of 2009. Nope - the PS3's HDMI port simply decided to stop working.

Bottom-line? I couldn't play my PS3. My options were to send my PS3 off for repair by Sony. I was not willing to go this route given the $150 cost of repair plus the time my wife and I would be without our blu-ray player. My only quick repair option was to find a PS3 component cable. But I had another problem. I was too busy this weekend to even get out to a store and buy the PS3 component cables.

Don't worry though - everything ended well. I popped down to my basement and rummaged through some boxes to find some unsused PS2 component cables that I'd purchased back in 2005. My PS2 is currently hooked up to a TV via s-video so my component cables were up for grabs. I brought the cables upstairs and was happy to see that the PS2 and PS3 share the same AV output slot. I plugged the component cables into my PS3 and TV and fired everything up. Fixed!

My PS3 looks as good as ever and works perfectly! I'm always happy to find a cheap and easy fix to a potentially expensive problem.

Due to my PS3 problems over the weekend, I started playing Overlord on my Xbox 360. First impressions? It's quite fun. Overlord's gameplay is an interesting mix of strategy and brute hack n' slash. While the graphics are a little dated by 2010 standards and the controls are a little awkward at times, I've enjoyed my time with Overlord. We'll see how I feel after putting in the 25-40 hours to finish the game.