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Monday, August 23, 2010

Overlords, Effective Minion Management, and Little Sisters

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent a lot of time sleeping and playing with the kids. But I also squeezed a good number of hours with Overlord. Despite my earlier misgivings about the game, Overlord has really grown on me. In fact, I've even gone ahead and ordered Overlord II!

Overlord can be played like a straight-up action RPG. Run into battle with your minions to hack and slash your way to victory. Of course, the brute force approach does have its drawbacks. Lack of strategy and planning can quickly eat through your minions as you struggle to combat the ever-changing tides of battle. I really hated losing so many minions so I decided to spend some time training my Overlord and his minions.

The Overlord's dungeon arena is a great place to practice strategy and combat. Where I once charged into battle with my minions following closely behind, I've now developed a more balanced and thoughtful approach to combat. By spending a few seconds prior to each fight organizing my troops, I'm now spending less time replacing fallen minions and more time enjoying the sweet taste of victory.

My primary strategy is to set up guard markers for each of the different minion types in my mini-army. I stick my Browns (brute force fighters) at the head of my forces. Behind my Browns I set up a number of Reds (ranged fire attack) and Blues (revive fallen minions) to help support the Browns. And when fighting large or particularly nasty enemies, I'll place some Greens (vicious surprise back-attacks) in prime ambush spots to take out the big enemies as they charge at my main army.

This little set-up has allowed me to make quick work of most enemies. I'm looking forward to seeing how things work out as I progress through the story. I'm not in a huge rush though. I'm waiting to get my hands back on my copy of Heavy Rain. In the meantime, I'm happy trying out different strategies and gathering vast amounts of life force to help fuel the Overlord's conquests. I've even got a fully upgraded set of Steel Armour and Weapons at my disposal, thanks to the sacrifices of countless minions in The Forge.

I mentioned earlier that I'd ordered a copy of Overlord II. That's not the only game I decided to buy. I also picked up BioShock 2. I'm not sure what to expect from the sequel to one of my favourite next-gen games. But at $25, I was more than willing to give the game a shot. I've updated both my Year in Gaming list to reflect these newest additions to my bloated video game library. I've also embedded trailers for both of my new games below!

Have a good one!