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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Daddies, Big Tricks

I've been trying to play a lot of BioShock 2 this week. But it's been hard. There's something about shooters and other "intense" games that leaves me exhausted after even the briefest of gaming sessions. My basic goal each night is to finish a single map in the game. Once I hear the "ping" of a story-related trophy being unlocked, I begin formulating my exit strategy from the game.

Don't get me wrong: BioShock 2 is a good game. I'm enjoying the story and the action quite a bit. But the intense battles, creepy exploration gameplay, and the anticipation of unexpected jump-scares drains my batteries.

The one part of BioShock 2 that I've enjoyed are the "defend the Little Sister" (a.k.a. tower defense) sections of the game. I remember later portions of the original BioShock required me to defend a Little Sister as she gathered Adam. I hated that part of the game! Thankfully, 2K Marin has made Little Sister defense much easier this time round: trap rivets and a giant drill attached to ones arm do wonders! My ultimate goal is to unlock the Master Protector trophy (Get through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister) but it's going to be tough. Of course, there is a video available that will help me when the time is right...

I've also been playing a little Pure as well. I was hoping that Pure would play a lot like SSX Tricky on an ATV! My first race was a hectic affair filled with high-speed, insane jumps, and gravity-defying tricks. In one word: awesome!

Pure challenges you to pull off as many cool tricks as you can while also winning a race...more or less. Cool tricks unlock better tricks. Better tricks unlock Special Tricks. And a full trick bar (I think it's called the "juice" bar) allows you to boost your speed and race around the track like a crazy person. It's fast-paced fun that successfully straddles the line between a button-mashing luck-fest for beginning players and a skilled game of track positioning and well-executed tricks and combos for seasoned veterans. Pure is an incredibly fun game that I'd recommend to any Amped or SSX junkies out there!

I may not be back tomorrow so I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Labour Day Weekend!