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Monday, September 20, 2010

Clubs, Bats, and Unchecked Spending

I'm going to keep this short today. Great weekend! Lots of fun with the wife and kids. Also finished off a couple games that had been stagnating for years in my game collection.

I played some Just Cause 2 over the weekend. But I also managed to play enough MLB 2K7 and The Club to finally put those games to rest.

MLB 2K7 was a pretty generic baseball game. Graphics and sound weren't all that great. I'll cut the game some slack because it's about four years behind the current batch of sports games. MLB 2K7 might have been more fun if I'd had the time and desire to invest a little effort into the game. I spent more time tweaking the stats of the NY Yankees batters and pitchers than I did playing the game. I earned a total of 255 GamerPoint over the course of a nine-inning exhibition game and called it quits.

I also played an hour and a half of The Club. It's a fast-paced shooter that feels a lot like a racing game. The goal of the game is to get around a level as quickly and as stylishly as possible. The Club is a pretty good game. If I didn't have a pile of games waiting for me, I might have spent a little more time playing it. As things stand, I'm happy to put this game out to pasture. I picked up a total of 145 GamerPoint; I only needed 136 GamerPoint to beat the MGC average gamerscore.

Just Cause 2 is coming along. I've decided to focus on the Agency missions for the time being. The vast open-world of Just Cause 2 is starting to burn me out a little. I'm twenty hours into the game and I've barely done anything. I'm going to get through the story as quickly as I can. I'm a little worried that my interest in the game will otherwise die out before I finish. I will probably come back to Just Cause 2 a number of times over the next year. It's a fun game but a little to digest over a short period of time.

In addition to playing games, I also bought some new titles for my growing game collection. I think my spending spree is finally at an end. I've bought eight games within the past month and that's more than enough to tide me over for a while. My latest acquisitions are good ones, I hope.

I managed to find a new retail copy of Alan Wake for only $39 (tax and shipping included). That's not a bad price for a game that seems to have been received quite well by gamers and critics alike. I'm looking forward to giving this oft-delayed title a shot before the end of the year.

My second purchase was a copy of Alpha Protocol. Although the game earned mediocre reviews, I think the $30 I paid is pretty good. I like RPGs and the current-day spy stuff seems pretty interesting. I guess I'll find out if my money was well-spent when I give Alpha Protocol some of my time later this year.

My plans for the week are to finish the Just Cause 2 Agency missions and start playing one of my new games. Crackdown 2, Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, and Dead Space are all likely candidates. We'll see how I feel after cranking out a bunch of chaos and destruction on the Island of Panau.