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Monday, September 27, 2010

Finally Finished Dead Space (and Monkey Island 2)

I bought EA's Dead Space a long while ago - shortly after I picked up my PS3. Like most horror-based games, I put off playing Dead Space as long as I could. I gave the game a shot back in February of this year. I played through the first four chapters then looked towards other games. It wasn't that Dead Space wasn't a good game: it was just too damned scary! I'm a grown man yet Dead Space scared the ever-loving f*ck right outta me!

It's rare to find a survival-horror game that can keep you on the edge of your seat the entire game. Dead Space kept me jumping out of my skin from Chapter 1 straight through to the end of the game. The atmosphere, music, and Dead Space's gallery of grotesque creatures kept my tension at an all-time high. I only spent about eleven hours getting through the game but it felt much, much longer. I think this feeling is related to the illusion of time slowing down when your adrenaline levels spike.

I have nothing bad to say about Dead Space. It is a great gaming experience that any fan of sci-fi horror flicks (e.g. Alien, Event Horizon [Blu-ray]) will really enjoy. I played through the game on the easiest difficulty setting and still found it challenging. Of course, once you upgrade your weapons, learn your enemy types, and get a feel for the controls, the game isn't too bad. And if you find yourself having too much trouble, just remember the following cheat code (entered on the Pause screen): Triangle-Square-Triangle-Triangle-Square-Triangle (or X-Y-X-X-Y on the Xbox 360). This cheat will refill Isaac's Statis Energy which can be really useful towards the beginning of the game while you learn the ropes. Of couse, the late stages of the game throw far too many enemies at you to make the Stasis power a feasible combat option.

Now that I've finished Dead Space, I'm not too sure what I'll be playing next. I may try to finish off Monkey Island 2. I'm hoping for either Crackdown 2 or Alpha Protocol. As much as I'm looking forward to Alan Wake, I don't think I could take any more tense horror-survival gameplay. I'll cleanse my palate with some lighter fare and then I'll give Alan Wake my full attention.

UPDATE: Also finished off Monkey Island 2 as well. Tough, tough game. I'm not as smart as I thought I was. This game kicked my ass. I also came to realize that I never finished Monkey Island 2 back when it was released on PC. I must have given up on it shortly after beating the spitting contest. Go figure?! It was good to finally see the end of this game - even if it meant using hints and walkthroughs to get there!

Have a good one!


anotherdae said...

congrats! indeed a scary game

Klopzi said...


I almost put it aside for another six months. Then my wife teased me so I had to finish Dead Space, in accordance with the "man" code.

I'm glad I played it and even happier that I've finished it. I don't think I'd want to take a single step back on the USG Ishimura for a long, long time.