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Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Cause 2 Done; Still Buying Games

It's been a tiring week of gaming. I finally "finished" Just Cause 2 after putting in a solid twenty-seven and a half hours with the game. Not that you can ever really finish a game like Just Cause 2. I've never played in a sandbox quite that large before! The experience as a whole was fun but strangely exhausting. The thought of parachuting into a small Panaun village and destroying a water tower and some gas pumps makes me sleepy...

All in all, Just Cause 2 was a pretty good game. It's one of the more action-packed games that I've played all year. However, it is a one-trick pony, offering little in the way of story to really suck you into the game. I think Just Cause 2 is a game best played at sporadic intervals when the mood to "blow things up" strikes. The mistake I made with the game was trying to get 100% completion in 100 map locations. That's a huge task. It wore down my desire to play Just Cause 2. I had to muster up the strength to pound out the last of the 6 or 7 story missions.

Final verdict? Just Cause 2 is lots of fun, providing hours and hours of entertainment. If you value destructive sandbox gameplay over a quality story or cinematics, Just Cause 2 may be the game for you. And if you're running low on cash, you should know that Just Cause 2 could keep you busy for well over one hundred hours if you felt the need to unlock every last trophy or achievement.

I've started playing Monkey Island 2 again. I was trying to make it through the game without using hints but it's too hard. I just want to relive the game without having to pause every two minutes to think or having to fire up my laptop for online hints. Nope. I'm hitting the old "square" button to get hints delivered to my screen in timely fashion. In my defense, I finished all of Tales of Monkey Island using only two online hints.

I'll also be playing some Dead Space this weekend as well. Plans may change if either Alan Wake, Alpha Protocol, or Crackdown 2 arrive in my mailbox before the weekend starts.

My video game library is looking pretty good but I'm not done adding to it yet. I have two outstanding bids on eBay for Darksiders and Army of Two (see trailers below). And I picked up a sealed copy of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition for my Xbox 360 last night. I was going to play the game but now I'm looking to sell it. Sealed copies of the Sith Edition are selling pretty high right now and I'm tempted to see if I can make a little money to pay for some of the other games I've been buying lately. I guess we'll see how things go this weekend. Of course, if it doesn't sell soon, I may have to tear off the plastic and get my Jedi on!

Have a great weekend!