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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Little Sisters Saved...but what about Jason?

I finished BioShock 2 a couple nights ago. I spent a half-hour last night picking up a few last trophies that I missed during my playthrough of the game. I avoid looking at any secret trophy or achievement descriptions or guides when I care about a game's story. And let me tell you: BioShock 2 delivers quite a story. I went into the game doubting that it could live up to the original BioShock. Now that I've finished my second visit to Rapture, I can't help but feel that BioShock 2 really improved on its predecessor.

The original BioShock ended with a whimper. The story and the game's tension build up quite well but are released well before the end of the game. BioShock 2 does not fall into the same trap. The story is intriguing right up to the end of the game. The gameplay is focused and fun, giving players a number of different ways to dispatch foes. The plasmids and weapons are so diverse that any playing style is handily accommodated.

The biggest improvements I found in BioShock 2 were the interactions with the Sisters - Big and Little. I loved playing as a Big Daddy, adopting and saving Little Sisters. There's something rewarding about setting these little girls free from their lives as Adam-collecting monsters. And the Big Sisters add an element of fear and tension throughout the game. You know that they're out there, just waiting for their chance to take you down. Hearing their screams and being notified that you should prepare yourself for the imminent arrival of a Big Sister is extremely unnerving. No matter how much firepower you have as a Big Daddy, the Big Sisters will take you down if you're ill-prepared for combat.

I am going to wholeheartedly recommend BioShock 2 to fans of the orignal BioShock. Anyone who also enjoys FPS games with involved stories, such as the Half-Life series, will also enjoy BioShock 2. In fact, I think most gamers would enjoy this game. I feel that 2K Marin's game was labeled a quick and easy sequel to the original BioShock. I believed that too. But having played BioShock 2, I can say that it's well worth your money and time to give the game a look. Even without playing a single minute of BioShock 2's competitive multiplayer, you will still get your money's worth. I'm glad I finally played this game!

Looking ahead, I start playing Heavy Rain tonight starting with The Taxidermist prologue. Will it live up to my expectations? We'll see....