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Friday, September 3, 2010

Master Protector and Video Game Sorter

I'm kind of protective when it comes to my video game collection. Ever since I experienced a cracked disc with my original copy of Saints Row for my Xbox 360, I've been excruciatingly careful when it comes to storing and playing my games. It seems silly to take extra care with a relatively cheap purchase ($20 ain't gonna break the bank) but it's one of my quirks. I hate to see a good game befall a tragic fate - especially when there exists potential of recouping costs via resale. I may be greedy but I'm not about to throw my money away.

I store my games in three different places at home.

  1. All game discs are stored alphabetically in a soft vinyl CD/DVD wallet. This wallet holds a total of 64 game discs with a few extra slots in located just inside the front and back covers. The game wallet is stored in the my oversized nightstand, giving me immediate access to any of my games at any time.

  2. Xbox 360 and PS2 game cases are stored alphabetically in a fancy box on a shelf roughly ten feet away. I chose not to store my 360 game cases out in the open because neon green does not match our bedroom's decor (or so I'm told...)

  3. My PS3 game cases are lined up alphabetically on my nightstand, just to the left of my graphic novel collection. Did I mention that my nightstand is huge? I think the term "gigantic, wooden, over-sized chest of awesomeness and spare change" might be a more appropriate description of my nightstand.

The upside of storing my games and cases as I do is that everything is maintained in pristine condition from the time I get the game home. My game collection is my Little Sister and I am its Big Daddy: master protector and dabbler in all things OCD.

And speaking of Big Daddies and protecting stuff, I earned the Master Protector trophy last night playing BioShock 2. The trick, I learned, is to place a number of traps in the immediate vicinity of the Little Sister and the unfortunate corpse being poked and drained of blood. This prevents any splicers from getting anywhere near the Little Sister. The second trick is to find a good spot that gives you line of sight on the Little Sister without exposing yourself entirely to any of the Splicer spawning areas. In my case, the corpse was located in a room with only two doors in the Slums map. I just checked on YouTube and see that someone else had the same idea...

Plans for this weekend include relaxing and playing BioShock 2. I'm hoping to finish the game, if possible. I believe that my copy of Heavy Rain will find its way back to my doorstep next week and I'd like to be ready for it. I've got The Taxidermist downloaded to my PS3 to ease me into the intense QTE gameplay of Heavy Rain. After getting my feet wet with the game's prologue (featuring reporter Madison Paige), I should be all set to "Press X for Jason"!

Have a great long weekend!