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Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend Gaming: Panau, Baseball, and Lots of Bullets

I forgot how much fun can be had with Just Cause 2! And talk about your big maps! It takes forever to fly from one edge of the map to the other. Just Cause 2 is definitely the best "true" sandbox game ever created.

I've played about 17 hours of Just Cause 2 and have only completed 2 story missions. There is just way too much to do in this game. I've been slowly working my way toward many of the exploration and completionist trophies. The only problem is that vast amounts of exploration can get a little tedious after a while if you don't spend a little time with the game's story.

But that's not to say that even the "grindier" moments of Just Cause 2 can't be punctuated with a little flair. I had an interesting bit of gaming while trying to get 100% completion (i.e. sabotages, find hidden packets) in one particular village. After finding a few hidden packages (cash, gun parts, vehicle parts, etc.) and blowing up a gas station, I had the military pretty pissed.

There was only one propaganda trailer left to be destroyed in the village to earn the 100% for the map location. I'd climbed to the top of a rather large tower to avoid the sheer number of bullets being fired in my direction. When I was ready, I took a quick look over the tower's railing, threw a grenade down to the proganda trailer, then took a running leap off the tower in the opposite direction. My parachute opened just as the grenade exploded. As Rico floated away, I earned my 100% completion while watching a large fireball light up the night sky. Pretty cool stuff!

I think that I'll be playing some more Just Cause 2 over the weekend, along with a little Major League Baseball 2K7 and possibly a bit of The Club as well. I'm on a kick to finish off some of the games that have cluttering my video game library for the past couple years.

And speaking of my video game library, I went out and picked up another couple of games to add to the pile.

The first new acquisition is Killzone 2. I've heard many great things about this game and I got a new sealed copy at a great price ($25). I'm looking forward to giving this game a try and possibly giving the online multiplayer a shot as well. I'm hoping that people are still playing it. If not, the single-player campaign should be worth what paid for the game.

I also picked up a sealed copy of Dark Void for $8. I've heard that Dark Void is a generic video game that offers little in the way of innovation with only sparse moments of fun. But it does have Nolan North and you can't beat the price I paid for the game!

Have a great weekend everyone!