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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Spies and Shopping Sprees!

I've been playing a whole lot of Alpha Protocol over the past couple of nights. The game was a little rough and slow-paced in the beginning. But as my "own" Michael Thorton has grown more skilled, the game is getting really fun. Try to imagine getting ambushed by five heavily armoured riot guards. Now picture ducking out of view, turning invisible, and taking out all five guards in the space of ten seconds. That's why I'm really liking Alpha Protocol.

Besides the quality stealth gameplay, I've really enjoyed meeting the various characters in Alpha Protocol. All the typical video-game stereotypes are there but these characters manage to come across as somewhat-fresh and believable. I really feel as if I know Thorton's companions and enemies though I'll admit that I don't feel any emotional connection to any of them whatsoever.

I'm not sure where I am in my current playthrough. Without giving away any spoilers, I've completed three locations: Saudi Arabia, Taipei, and Rome. I just arrived in Moscow at the end of my gaming session last night. I'm not sure what will happen once I've finished all available missions in the frozen Russian capital city. The missions should be fun though. Looking forward to sneaking around and taking out multiple enemies with the incredible Chain Shot pistol skill (e.g. dead eye mode à la John Marston).

I'm not sure what I'll be playing after I've finished Alpha Protocol. I can confirm, however, that I'm still adding to my library of games. It's a sickness really but I'm not hurting anyone...yet. My latest additions are pretty diverse, all acquired for a fraction of their retail prices: Hellboy: The Science of Evil, Wanted: Weapons of Fate, and Qubed. And if you're unsure of the title Qubed, it's a compilation of three incredible Q Entertainment games: E4 (Every Extend Extra Extreme), Lumines Live, and Rez HD! I've only ever played Lumines II on PSP but I loved it. I really wish that there was a PSP Go version of that game...stupid digital rights and copyright law.

In any case, I've got lots and lots of games to play. It will be a terrific end to my biggest year of gaming yet! I'm also looking to pick up the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition. Sure - I could have just spent $30 to pick up the remaining three DLC packs for my PS3 copy of the game but I'd rather purchase the game again for my 360. I may even sign up for an Xbox Live Gold account to play this game online with the racist, sexist, homophobic, and thoroughly unsavoury masses. And who knows - maybe I'll pick up a new Xbox 360 Slim while I'm at it...

I'll leave you with trailers for all the new games I have coming my way in the very near future. Enjoy!


anotherdae said...

Man I think you play more games than me!!!!

Hellboy was great, nothing Oscar worthy but a fun beat 'em up. I bought it used at Gamestop and challeged myself to beat it in 7 days then returned it for Heavenly Sword! I win!

Klopzi said...

@anotherdae -

I buy a lot of games but don't seem to play quite as many as I'd like. It's a shame that the game industry only picked up after I got married and had kids. Still, 27 games and counting on the year isn't too bad.

I'm hoping to squeeze in another 6-10 games before the year's up. At the rate that I'm buying games, I'll run out of room in my house if I don't start finishing up some more titles.