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Monday, November 22, 2010

Borderlands' Infamous General Knoxx Glitch (and Assassins' Creed Brotherhood)

Gaming is still going really well at my place. Despite being a little too tired to play anything last night, I've been putting in my fair share over the past week. I made a couple major purchases last week and I spent a whole lot of time with an old friend.

First off, let me re-iterate that Borderlands is the most addictive game ever created. I spent a good chunk of time working through The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. A great piece of DLC...with a rather nasty habit of glitching your game. It seems that there is an easy way of having a few missions in the Knoxx DLC glitch up to prevent you from ever finishing off all missions. For me, the problem is a result of playing some online multiplayer hosted by players intent on performing glitch runs in Knoxx's secret armory.

Thankfully I found an answer to my problem. There is a little program called WillowTree that will allow me to tweak my Borderlands save game file. My plan is to edit my file to delete a whole slew of missions that have resulted in the glitch. Of course, this means that I'll need to redo roughly five missions but that's a fair price to pay in order to complete the General Knoxx DLC. Glitches suck but I'm happy that the modding community has provided me the tools necessary to get past this minor setback.

For the record, it is very easy to accidentally glitch your Borderlands game if you play online in a game hosted by another player. You could be glitched if they happen to have the Knoxx missions "Super Marcus Sweep" and "It's Like Christmas!" active. I won't explain this any further but you can check out all the details on the Gearbox forums. I will not be doing any glitch runs in my current game. I don't even understand the appeal myself. I like loot as much as the next guy but why risk glitching your game for a few extra guns?

Besides playing Borderlands, I also picked up a brand new copy of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. I haven't really gotten into playing it very much (thanks to Borderlands) but I plan on remedying the situation soon. I am going to play a sh*t-ton of AC Brotherhood's single player campaign and its innovative multiplayer component. I really enjoyed the first hour of the game and look forward to playing a whole lot more this week. Based on my first impressions with Brotherhood, I see a whole lot of content that should keep me busy well into the holiday season! This game is definitely worth $60! Check out the two launch trailers below!

Finally, I picked up a new headset for myself: the Ear Force X11 Amplified Stereo Headset by Turtle Beach. I had a few reasons for doing so:

  1. I really need a way to manage game volume while playing. My current set-up does not allow me to change the game's volume without getting up and adjusting the mini-receiver beside my TV.
  2. My current headphones are getting a little long in the tooth. I've had a few audio glitches pop-up over the past month. There is also an issue with excessive volume escaping from the headphones while wearing them. I've had my wife comment on how loud I listen to games; this new headset should adequately mask the deafening volume of my gaming.
  3. The Xbox 360's voice-chat volume is terrible when played through the same channel as the game volume. My new headset will allow me to manually set the voice and game volume on the fly. This should really help me get more enjoyment from my multiplayer outings in Borderlands, AC Brotherhood, and any other game that takes my fancy.

My plans for this week are pretty simple: a little less Borderlands (fingers crossed) and a whole lot of Assassin's Creed. I can't wait!