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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I...Am...Iron Man...!

I've been flying and shooting my way through Sega's mediocre Iron Man this week. Despite a couple great Iron Man movies and a terrific Marvel license, the Iron Man video game is as vanilla as they come. It's a shame. More polish, more time, and a better publisher with deeper pockets could have made all the difference.

Iron Man plays like any number of mindless brawlers. Of course, there's very little melee combat in this game. Iron Man is all about sniping enemies from far away with a barrage of repulsor fire. Enemies getting a little too close are easily felled by a barrage of homing missiles or Iron Man's devastating unibeam. I should mention, though, that I'm playing on the Easy difficulty tting. I find that playing superhero games on higher difficulty levels really takes the "super" out of the experience. Would Iron Man go down in a barrage of machine gun fire? Of course not: he's the Invicible Iron Man!

Iron Man's easy difficulty setting and the fast-paced missions has me all but finished with the game after only a few short sessions. I've got a couple more missions to run through and a couple extra scenarios to bust out for achievement points. I'll end up with a solid boost to my gamerscore and the satisfaction of having saved the world again. I wish I had more to say about the game but that's all there is: a crappy cut-scene with horrible graphics and terrible voice acting, a horribly brief and uninformative mission briefing followed five minutes of flying around holding down the right-trigger button.

Iron Man has given me a real appreciation for some of the better games that I've played this year and those yet to come. Red Dead's Undead Nightmare will seem so much sweeter after having slogged through Iron Man's uninspired story and gameplay.

Have a good one!