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Friday, February 25, 2011

Dark Void Finished; Time For a Change!

Cold's start feeling a whole lot worse and last much longer as you get older. Man - this latest cold has really knocked me on my ass. Runny nose, cough, sore throat, a fever here or there - just awful all round. Luckily, I've got my wife to take care of me and video games to take my mind off my weak constitution. This past week's medicine? Dark Void starring the voice acting talents of Nolan North and the new and improved gameplay of Crimson Skies!

Dark Void started off a little shaky but I really got into the game as I neared the end. Dark Void is not a long game...playing on the easiest difficulty setting. I wasn't looking for a challenge. I just wanted a fun story, some good action, and a bunch of achievement points. Dark Void really delivered!

I found Dark Void's vertical combat and cover system to be a nifty little addition to the third-person genre. There were a few points in the game where I got stuck trying to find my next objective. Of course, all I had to do was look up or down and voilà: time for a little vertical cover fighting! Dark Void's air combat was also pretty slick thanks to an "homage" to the dogfighting gameplay found in the Xbox's Crimson Skies. But hey - Dark Void was made by the same guys who worked on Crimson Skies so what did I expect? Firing boosters and pulling off crazy aerial manoevers with a simply flick of the thumbsticks are just as awesome today as they were six years ago.

I think Dark Void's only weak spots were the character animations and the abrupt ending. Character models just didn't look right. Legs were too thin and too long with bony knees that stuck out. They looked like matchstick figurines with a bit of meat and sinew thrown on. Facial animations weren't too bad though. I think that the Dark Void's audio was surprisingly excellent. Voice acting, sound effects, and the musical score were all very well done - save for few hiccups here and there.

All in all, Dark Void is a pretty slick and entertaining game that got overlooked by many gamers. If you liked Crimson Skies or enjoy a solid action game with some cool features, why not give Dark Void a try? You can buy it cheap right here!

I've been doing some thinking about the games I plan on playing next. Looking over my gaming library, I noticed a number of titles that I'd started but never finished. While some of these games were not very good (e.g. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom), most of the games were just started at the wrong time. It's hard to play a game when your head's just not in it, you know?

My next big plan is to tackle all of my unfinished Xbox 360 games and get them done. I've update my Year of Gaming 2011 post to reflect these new changes. Most immediately, I'm going to go RPG crazy by tackling Infinite Undiscovery and Blue Dragon in quick succession. So I know what I'll be playing for the next couple of months? How about you? I've included trailers for both games below, if you're interested.

Have a great weekend!