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Friday, February 18, 2011

It's the Weekend! Finally!

Another week in the books! I'm tired and my brain's fried but it's the weekend. But it's nothing some TV, a few drinks, and a bunch of games won't fix!

This weekend's focus? You Don't Know Jack, Mini Ninjas, and a few pints of Keith's!

Before I head off for my weekend 'o fun, let's talk games.

Mini Ninjas? So far, so good. It's a little formulaic and it's getting a little tougher having now crossed the mid-way point of the game. But it's not too hard and the game is as charming as ever. I've managed to save four out of five ninjas which has opened up a number of combat options to me.

My favourite ninja is probably Hiro. His magic abilities really turn the tide in combat. Up against a mini-army of samurai warriors? Fire up a little lightning storm to thin the herd! Want to sneak past a group of bad guys? Use the Camouflage spell to turn into a bush and creep past everyone! It's been a lot of fun figuring out ways to get through the various challenges thrown at me during the game. I've even been playing on the hardest difficulty setting because I wanted a bit of a challenge...and I wanted the extra 100 achievement points.

Tonight I'll likely focus on some You Don't Know Jack over Xbox Live. I'm hoping that some drinks will help level the playing field a bit. I find that I'm beating most opponents because I'm faster at answering. I get the feeling that many of my opponents are frantically searching the Internet for answers as the timer runs down on the questions. I can see it taking 5-10 seconds to think of an answer but 15+ seconds for every question? They've got to be hitting Google pretty hard. Of course, this strategy really falls apart during the Stage 3 Jack Attack that finishes off each game. It doesn't matter how big a lead you have going into the Jack Attack: unless you can hit that A button quickly at the right time, you're not going to win.

I'm usually more humble when it comes to winning. I guess You Don't Know Jack brings out the worst in me. Must be all the bathroom humour.

Have a great weekend!