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Monday, February 14, 2011

Time For Some Stress-Free Gaming

I've played a lot of Call of Duty in the past couple of weeks. I'm a little burned out on crouching my way through fields, factories, and blown-out buildings trying to not get shot. It was fun saving the world and shooting up anything that popped up on screen but I need a break. No more guns. No more explosions, screaming, or realistic gore. I need a break.

I played through two-thirds of Call of Duty: World at War on Hardened difficulty. And then I got stuck on a mission called "Eviction". I was tasked with moving through a darkened subway without getting shot-up by Nazis. I tried this mission for an hour and a half, never making it past one particular section. I'd die then be forced to replay the last 5-10 minutes of gameplay. I finally snapped,dropped the difficulty down to casual, and kicked some Axis ass.

Looking back on the last few missions in World at War, I don't think I could have made in on Hardened difficulty. The last two missions were especially nasty - even on the Casual setting. I must have died at least twenty times while trying to fight off the last of the Japanese and German soldiers.

Now that I've won World War II for the sixth or seventh time (I've lost track), I'm moving on to something far less intense. It's time for some Mini Ninjas!

Mini Ninjas is a great looking game: lots of charm, cute little animals, and colourful environments. The game's protagonist, Hiro, is a funny little guy. I'm not sure how old he's supposed to be but he looks like a determined five-year old boy intent on proving that he can be a ninja. It's pretty funny to see him sprinting around with his little legs kicking out at the ground. His over-sized hat (or helmet) really completes his look and makes Hiro the most adorable action-hero I've ever seen.

I'll be updating my Year of Gaming 2011 post to reflect the new batch of games that I'm working on. You can check out the trailers for Mini Ninjas and my next game, Fairytale Fights, below. Have good one!

Current Games

  1. Mini Ninjas: Although I may play a little more You Don't Know Jack and Borderlands after finishing up World at War, I'd like to play something a little less serious and kid-friendly in the near future. Mini Ninjas seems to fit the bill! According to what I've read about the game, it's an easy little romp through a world filled with ninjas, animals, and some little guy carrying a big hammer. Sounds delightful!

    UPDATE: Mini Ninjas is cute-looking game. Gameplay feels as solid as you'd expect from this type of title (action-platformer designed for kids). The graphics and charm of the game have gone a long way to making my time with Mini Ninjas fun.
    [Status: Now Playing]

  2. Fairytale Fights: I have mixed feelings about Fairytale Fights. I played the demo and it seemed like a mindless hack 'n slash game (or slice 'n dice if you prefer). My only concern is that the charm of the games' characters and enemies may not be enough to carry this bargain bin title. Still, I'm willing to give this game some time - especially if the achievements are easy to unlock. Guess we'll find out soon enough...
    [Status: Next Up]