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Monday, March 28, 2011

Cost of Gaming Indecision? 40-60 Hours!

On Friday I complained about the last achievement that I had to earn to pick up 100% completion in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. EA must have felt bad about my unobtainable quest for completion because they did indeed upload a video that allowed me to unlock the last remaining simple - yet elusive - 15 point achievement. It wasn't even a real video: just a static image that EA dubbed a "video". Hey - that works for me!

EA support also provided me with a $20 coupon valid on my next purchase from the EA store. So many choices! Portal 2, Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, or Tiger Woods 12 - to name a few. So many games! EA will be getting quite a bit of my business in 2011 and beyond. The coupon and easy achievement are just icing on the cake!

Over the weekend, I was able to finish off both Tiger Woods 11 and Torchlight.

Torchlight was a solid game. I found that the post-game play was a little tedious and mindless. Had it not been for the Superstar achievement, I likely would have stopped playing as soon as I defeated the last boss lurking below Torchlight in the ember mines.

My only complaints about the game concerning the game's difficulty and the loot. Torchlight was way too easy on the Normal difficulty. I could have switched the difficulty at any time, I guess, but there were no achievements related to playing the game on a harder setting. Okay...I guess it was my fault for choosing the easy path and perhaps spoiling Torchlight's challenge. Still - a 30 point achievement for finishing the game on the hardest difficulty setting would have been cool.

My only other complaint concerns Torchlight's "loot". Like so many other "loot-based" games that are not Diablo II, I was able to find weapons and armour quite early in the game that I kept using right through to the end of the game. I guess you could say that I was lucky to find such epic loot so early in the game. But I would have liked to find better stuff. Much of the appeal of hack 'n slash dungeon crawlers is the feeling you get when you find and identify a truly epic item drop. Mind you - armour and weapons did very little to change my Torchlight experience. I basically spammed the Destroyer's Devastate skill to great effect.

So what to play now...?

I was going to play Beyond Good & Evil HD but got thinking about Borderlands.

I stuck Borderlands into my 360 yesterday looking to start the push to 100% completion. I flip-flopped on that decision when I started questioning the dedication required to bust out the Mad Moxxi's Underdome achievements. Borderlands is more of a late-Fall, Christmas-season title for me anyway.

What game did I settle on? Batman: Arkham Asylum? Mass Effect 2?

Nope. I decided to jump into Blue Dragon: a 40-60 hour traditional J-RPG with unskippable combat animations, lots of written dialogue, 43 near-impossible achievements, and little-to-no resale value. And even though I'd already completed 16 hours of Blue Dragon back in 2007, I decided to start a brand new game instead of continuing my previous adventures.

Will this end up being my worst decision of 2011? Highly doubtful given Blue Dragon's user and critic reviews. No - my worst decision will likely come when I put off playing Fallout: New Vegas to tackle the original Two Worlds.

Have a good one!