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Friday, March 25, 2011

Putting Greens, Fairways, and Corrupted Ember Mines

I keep gearing up to post something but get stopped well before I can get anything up on the site. Let's see how things go this time around...

It's been a pretty busy week but I've managed to put in a good amount of time with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and Torchlight. I've updated my Year of Gaming post to reflect the current state of affairs. But I might as well recap my week since you're here...

I finished Tiger Woods 11 this past week. It took me a whopping 32 hours to pick up all but one achievement in the game. I should be able to unlock the last achievement, Couch Potato, once EA puts up a video on their game server. I like easy achievements but hate achievements that are not obtainable through my own skill. I really hope that I can get 100% completion in PGA Tour 11. It's a rare thing for me to pick up all possible achievements so I really enjoy seeing the 100% show up on my games played list.

I've also put in around 8 hours with Torchlight this week. It's a great game! It's a lot like Diablo without being a direct rip-off. You can tell that Torghlight's developers are huge fans of Blizzard's excellent Diablo series. Torchlight's overall quality really shines through. For 1200 MS points, you'd be silly to not buy this game (assuming you haven't played it on PC).

I plan on finishing up Torchlight over the weekend. I'll probably jump back into Beyond Good & Evil after that. I'm a little undecided about what I'll be playing next. I'm flip-flopping between Mass Effect 2 (The Arrival DLC drops next week) and Borderlands. So many games, so little time...

Have a great weekend!