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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to Score a Double Encore in Rocksmith

Looking to score a double encore in Rocksmith? Here are the rules that determine whether or not you'll get the double encore and unlock one of six bonus songs in Rocksmith.

Each song in an event has the qualification score, which must be met in order to perform the event. Each song’s qualification score combined equals the ‘Target Score’ for the event. Scoring 20% more than the Target Score gives you an Encore. Keep in mind that this needs to be 20% more TOTAL. So, if you don’t get 20% more on one particular song, you still can get an encore if the event’s TOTAL score is 20% larger than the target score.

Double Encores:
Scoring 90% or higher in NOTE ACCURACY on the Encore song will give the user a 50% chance of receiving a Double Encore. This percent change does not change, so even scoring 100% on the Encore song, and playing brilliantly won’t guarantee the Double Encore. Scoring 90% or higher note accuracy merely gives you the chance to get a Double Encore, but it’s never promised.

Information from Ubisoft Rocksmith Forum posted by Ubi Forum Manager
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